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Nisavski District

The NISAVSKI District expands in the south-eastern parts of the Republic. It encompasses the municipalities of: Aleksinac, Svrljig, Merosina, Razanj, Nis, Doljevac and Gadzin Han. It has a population of 382,461. Seat of the District is in the city of Nis.

Within the city boundaries itself stands the Nis Fortress, which ranks among the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses in the Balkans, build in late seventeenth century. At the outskirts of Nis is a unique monument - the Skull Tower (Cele kula) built by the Turks from the skulls and heads of the Serb warriors who died in the battle of Cegar in 1809, led by Karadjordje, a prince and hero of the I Serb Uprising against the Turks. After the Turkish victory, this battle was decisive for the failure of the I Serb Uprising.

In the economy of this region domineer: the Electronic Industry Nis, Tobacco Industry, Machine Industry and the "Niteks" textile industry.

District Seat ADDRESS
18 000 Nis, bb Strahinjica Bana St.
Tel./Fax: 018-40 866, 22 317, 23 742


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