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Central Banat District

The CENTRAL BANAT DISTRICT expands in the northeastern parts of Serbia. It encompasses the municipalities of: Novi Becej, Nova Crnja, Zitiste, Secanj and Zrenjanin. It has a population of 221, 253. Seat of the District is in the city of Zrenjanin. Here the next buildings stand out by its fine quality: the Orthodox Church of Assumption from 1746, the Roman-Catholic Cathedral from 1868 and the Reformatory Church from 1891..

Economy of Zrenjanin is diverse: industry, agriculture, forestry, building industry, and transport.

The leading branch is the food-processing industry, integrated under the "Servo Mihalj" Industrial- Agricultural Combine.

Other major representatives of the Zrenjanin economy are: the DD "ZIP" brewery, the DD "Luxol" chemical industry and the "Zarko Zrenjanin" furniture factory.

District Seat ADDRESS
23000 Zrenjanin, 10 Trg slobode
Tel./Fax: 023- 36 593, 66 007


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