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South Banat District

The SOUTH BANAT District expands in the eastern parts of Serbia. It encompasses the following municipalities: Plandiste, Opovo, Kovacica, Alibunar, Vrsac, Bela Crkva, Pancevo, and Kovin. It has a population of 328,428. Seat of the District is in Pancevo. Pancevo is distinguished for its numerous cultural institutions: the "Veljko Vlahovic" National Library, the Historic Archives, and the Institute for Protection of Culture Monuments.

The most remarkable cultural monuments of this region are: The Vojlovica Monastery, built in 1405, the Church of Assumption and the Church of Transfiguration built in 1811 and the National Museum, built in 1833. In this modern, industrial region stand out the "Pancevo" Oil Refinery, the "Azotara" Fertilizers Plants, and the Pancevo PETROCHEMISTRY.

District Seat ADDRESS
26 000 Pancevo, 12-4 Kralja Petra Sq
Tel./Fax: 013-45 580, 46 940


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